The office of Daryl Pallesen CPA, CGA is here to help with all of the GST filing requirements for your individual proprietorship or incorporated business.  We can offer you assistance with the tracking of your taxable sales and expenses, regardless of the size of your operation.  We will prepare and file online your quarterly or annual GST returns in a timely manner, and help ensure that you make all required installment payments on time in order to avoid unnecessary interest and/or penalty charges from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Tax planning also extends to GST returns.  Your business may qualify for a simplified method of reporting and filing GST called the quick method, which results in the amount of GST that you remit to CRA being only a portion (70-75%) of the GST that you actually collect – rather than the entire amount.  We can help determine if your business qualifies for this simplified GST method of filing, and then calculate the annual savings amount that this approach will generate for you.