The first few months of a new year are often the times when many people are looking for a personal tax accountant.  The office of Daryl Pallesen CPA, CGA assists in the completion and e-filing of personal income tax (T1) returns for hundreds of local citizens on an annual basis, and as a result has extensive experience in this area of public tax practice.


We can help you in identifying all of the tax slips that are necessary to complete your personal income tax return.  We will also assist in identifying all deductions from income and any tax credits that may be available to you, in order to minimize the amount of personal taxes payable.  One of the most rewarding experiences in our business is when we are able to identify an additional deduction and/or tax credit for an individual that they were not previously aware of and that they may not have benefited from without our assistance.

As your tax accountant, Daryl Pallesen CPA, CGA will also ensure that your personal income tax return is filed on a timely basis.  The filing deadline for most individual Canadian taxpayers is April 30, 2016 for the 2015 calendar tax year; the same date of April 30 is also the payment deadline for any tax amounts owing for the 2015 year.  If you are a self-employed individual, the deadline for filing of your 2015 personal income tax return is extended to June 15, 2016; however, any tax owing by a self-employed person for the 2015 year must still be paid by April 30, 2016.

Interest at prescribed rates will start to accrue after the April 30th deadline if payments are not made on time. Penalties may also start to apply if taxes are not submitted within the proper reporting period.


Our team of educated and experienced professionals will ensure that your personal income tax return is filed on a timely basis and includes all deductions and credits available to you.  Please contact us via email at or phone us at 403-988-2175 to book an appointment today.